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What is an historical costume?

The world of costumes is very diverse: there are different types of costumes including historical costumes, modern costumes and fantasy costumes.

The historical costume is a model belonging to a bygone era, indicates the traditional or customary clothing of a place or a time. It is opposed to the modern costume that, instead, indicates the typical clothing of the historical era in which we find ourselves. Each historical period has its own clothing and colors of reference for this, before creating a film or a TV series set in the past, costume designers are documented through books, depictions and extracts in which identify the trendy costumes.

For example, the 1700 is characterized by light colors, pastel and asymmetrical designs and distinguish the court dresses from everyday clothes, a distinction that will fade and then disappear at the end of the same century. The 1800, instead, is characterized by women's dresses with wide and voluminous sleeves, along with corsets, petticoats and shirts. The colors were pale and incorporated by floral decorations.

Finally, fashion is distinguished not only from century to century, but it happens that within a few years disappear some elements to appear new, so it is important to identify exactly the reference years to have a more correct idea of the costumes to be reproduced.

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