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The arrival of New Platforms and the evolution of Fashion

The arrival of new platforms in homes has allowed viewers to be fully inserted into TV series, movies, and more.

They have embedded themselves within culture, bringing back past eras as well as anticipating or creating new trends in fashion and beyond. 

To say whether it is the new platforms that influence fashion or fashion that influences the new platforms is difficult: the two dimensions converge on each other, creating a perfect mix of old and new.

Often, TV series characters wear fashion Brand, but more and more of them are getting inspired by the dresscode of the most beloved characters creating new lines. 

Today, the costume scene is increasingly refined: the focus is on achieving perfect harmony and recreation of the historical period both through the clothes worn by the characters and through the settings that are also recreated through digital. 

One of the platforms that has followed this trend is Netflix, which has produced numerous period dramas or historical dramas beloved by viewers in recent years.

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