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Produzione e Noleggio COSTUMI
Made in Italy 

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We produce new costume productions with the aim of giving life to the designs and creative ideas of the costume designers, in line with their indications.

Rental of costumes for cinema, theaters, TV series and events drawing on our vast and varied repertoire of garments and accessories.

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Space rental

Space rental



Essere al servizio della CULTURA


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We are committed to helping professionals and entertainment organizations to make theater, cinema, TV series, fiction and exhibitions.


All these activities for us mean the transmission of emotions and feelings, stories of life and all that makes it wonderful and at the same time difficult, with its pains and joys.


For us at theOne, culture is this.


It is the representation of what the past has left us as a teaching, of which we who live in the present have the duty to make us guardians and messengers, so that our children too can draw inspiration from it as we did before them.


With this awareness in our hearts, we have defined our purpose and our mission as a company: to be at the service of culture.


TheOne is at the service of culture.

Il NOSTRo Team

Alessandra Cinti - CEO & Founder

Alessandra has been working in the costume and entertainment industry for more than 30 years, during which she held executive and managerial roles that allowed her to accumulate the experience and knowledge to found theOne in 2010, which she still leads with passion and resourcefulness. .

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Alessandra Cinti

"Our costumes are everyone's cultural heritage, I feel like guarding them as if they were my own children".

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Executive Assistant

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Warehouse Manager

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Via Montasio, 45/a,

00141 Roma



Tel: +39 06 89684552

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